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Hello Frineds !!

This is our About Us page and here we will tell you about ourselves.

We at https://www.kaiseaurkya.com publish the new and updated information on various topics such as Fashion Beauty health History Money Games Finance etc.

We are in India, thus we are giving all the content in Hindi as this is the language which is being spoken and understood by most of people In India.

Who are we ?

Kaise Aur Kya is “How To” and “What” is Hindi. So here we try to help people with the information that is useful for them. W would be very happy if the information given here helps people in real life.

As such, we are Delhi based Individuals who are trying to boost up this cause for people and by the people.

The Published Content

We are the publishers of original content. A research is being done before releasing it to the public so that it’s importance should be high.

But there are many authors who are publishing their content here. We try to verify the copyright content of these author but we are not 100% correct. Read below for this.

What Are Content Published Here?

In case, if any content is duplicate here (content is copied from any article, magazine or book) then I would be happy to listen from our readers. In such a scenario, I request the readers to send a mail with details and proof of copyright. If claim is found correct then we will remove such content from our website and ban the author from our website for publishing.

Who can publish here?

We allow everyone to publish their content/ information here. The content should be original and should not have been copied from any other source. The content should be rich in information i.e. it should not be a junk text.

Here, only Hindi publishing is allowed, although sometimes we allow Hinglish content also.

Anyone want to publish here may contact by writing comment or they contact us directly.

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