Bilingual Forms for Central Government Employees

Bilingual Forms for Central Government Employees (Hindi and English)

Here, in this post you will all type bilingual forms used by Central Government Employees. These forms are available here in Hindi and English language. We have tried to provide the comprehensive list of Bilingual Forms for Central Government Employees but if any form is not available here (and available with you) then you can send it to us for including it here.



S.N. Description/Details Download Here
1. Bilingual (Hindi and English) Application for taking personal passport by government servant Download PDF
2. Bilingual (Hindi and English) Form or re conveyance for house building advance (Form 7) Download PDF
3. Bilingual (Hindi and English) Proforma for application for Taking Advance from Provident Fund (GPF) Download PDF
4. Bilingual (Hindi and English) Application Form for grant of LTC Advance Download PDF
5. Claim for the Grant of Special Increment in the Form of Personal Pay as Incentive for Promotion of Small Family Norms Download PDF
6. Application for Grant of Festival Advance Download PDF
7. Form for Giving Prior Intimation or Seeking Previous Sanction Under  Rule18(2) of The  CCS (CONDUCT) RULES, 1964 for Transaction in respect of Immovable Property Download PDF
8. Form of application for claiming refund of medical expenses incurred in connection with medical attendance and/or treatment of Central Government Servants and their families- for medical attendance/treatment taken from an Authorized Medical Attendant/Hospital Download PDF
9. Voucher for Petty Conveyance Charges Download PDF
10. Form for Change of Dispensary Download PDF
11. Application for advance of T.A on transfer Download PDF
12. Requisition for issue of parking Labels/Stickers (Only for Govt. Vehicles) Download PDF
13. Application Form for renewal of CGHS Card (Serving Employees) Download PDF
14. Proforma for application for Advance from Provident Fund Download PDF
15. Application form for Addition Deletion (CGHS addition name etc) Download PDF
16. Application form for Withdrawal From General Provident Fund Download PDF
17. Application for Pensioner’s I-Card Download PDF
18. Application for CGHS card for Serving Employees of Central Government Download PDF
19. Application For CGHS Card for Pensioners of Central Government Download PDF
20. Application for Child Care Leave Download PDF
21. Traveling Allowance Bill for Tour Download PDF
22. Form for reimbursement for Children Education Download PDF
23. Application for Earned Leave or Commuted Leave. Download PDF